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Look how adorable Pika boy ish!

Love my Pika boy! Naughty playful boy who gives me endless stuffs to do (e.g cooking for him, bathing him n clearing his pee n poo poo!) but love him all the same. I may not be the best owner who can spare loads of time with him but I make sure everything else he gets be at least above average or the best! Endless toys, great food, nice place to sleep n treats! I make sure my table light is on when I m not around at night, window slightly open for ventilation and my family ensure one light in the living room is on for Pika boy when they go out to eat or shop in evenings! Sometimes I even set the fan timer in the living room to make sure he will not get too warm at home. My family will walk him. And monthly trip to groomer! Haha boy do I love him!